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Building a great insurance web site is as much a science as it is an art. Just as important as a great looking design is making sure your target audience can find it. And when they do, it needs to look good on whatever browser or device they use. This is where gathering and analyzing statistics is crucial to the performance of your site. Trends drive technology and keeping apprised of them is what makes a website successful.

Search Engine Market Share as of July 2011 (USA)

Search Engine Share
With an 80% market share, Google is clearly still the giant in the search engine industry. It is interesting to note that a three year analysis of Google has shown it hovering around 80%. As other search engines rise and fall in popularity, the division seems to be people who use Google loyally and those who try other trendy options.

Web Browser Market Share as of June 2011 (USA)

Browser Share
I.E. 8 30%
Firefox 4 13%
Chrome 12 11%
Safari 5 9%
I.E. 9 8%
Firefox 3 8%
These browser statistics are perhaps the most important metric we follow. This is one of the web site variables in the category of "User Environment". It is essential not only to know how someone finds your site, but what device and program they are using to view it. Internet Explorer has been the standard for a long time. But it is steadily losing it's share and today less than 50% of web site visitors will be using any version of I.E. Since most browsers display sites differently, it is important to make sure your web site looks good in ANY browser.

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