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Email Hosting Solutions

In our experience of the needs of working with many insurance agencies over the years, using a company that provides all the necessary space and email requirements is essential in the insurance industry.

You want to have an email product that both sync's with your devices and offers security.

We recommend these companies that specialize in email hosting:
  1. Google Apps: for syncing devices and tools, Google Apps email is one of the best email products. They offer many different tools that lots of agencies utilize.

    • Note: At Alicor we use Google Apps & have been very happy with it & the tools that are built in - including the document sharing & syncing across devices. We also have coupons to save you money as well.
    • Click Here to Purchase - once you sign up, just send us your login and we can assist you in the transition.

  2. Godaddy: they are a good email service provider that offers good support and all the necessary email tools that insurance agencies need.

Other agencies even might find a Hosted Exchange option better to suit their needs. Godaddy offers this along with Outlook software. We also have partnered with IT professionals that can assist in the setting up of an Exchange server environment. Our Strategic IT Partner (Premier) specializes in assisting insurance agencies in setting up exchange environments. You can call 714-706-3900 to see if this is the best option for you.

We assist all our clients in giving suggestions on what might best suit your needs as well as helping configure all the necessary records.

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