IĒve published my Facebook Business Page but itĒs still not public!

One of the most common issues currently with linking a Facebook business page from a website or just having the page public is the problem with the URL (web address) taking people to the Facebook log in page rather than your business page.

Believe it or not, this is an easy fix. For those of you who have spent hours trying to resolve this, you will probably feel like this is magic of some sort when it instantly fixes your problem.

Understanding whatĒs causing the problem is the key. Facebook added some extra settings for age verification. There is also a setting for excluding or including countries. Any of these settings that require verification will require that someone be logged into Facebook. Even if youĒve published your page and made it public, it will require that someone be logged in to their Facebook account to visit your page if you have these restrictions applied.

The fix is to simply delete any country restrictions and make sure you donĒt have age specific restrictions applied.


You would access this through page settings for your business page and then select manage permissions.

Once you remove the age restriction and update, it should show the “anyone (13+)” which is the default. For the Country restriction, if there are none selected, you wonĒt see any Country listed below that Country Restrictions box. If you see one, simply delete it and then update.

Done! Now, anyone should be able to visit your page and you can now link it from your website with confidence. If you still have problems, the next thing to consider is the URL you are using.

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