Occupation Codes

Occupation Codes List

ACT Accountant
ADD Administrator/Director
ADJ Adjusters
ADM Administrative
AGR Agronomist
AIR Airline Personnel
ALLO All other officers and employees not listed above
APR Appraiser
AR Architect
ART Artist (Without Other Profession)
ATH Athlete - Professional
ATY Actuary
AUD Auditor
AUM Automobile Mechanic
AUS Automobile Sales/Dealer
BAD Bank/Financial Institution - Administration
BFI Bank/Financial Institution - Clerical
BKP Bookkeeper
BMG Bank/Financial Institution - Management
BRB Barber, Hairdresser
BUY Buyer
CA Chartered Accountant
CAN Canvasser (Door-to-Door Salesperson)
CAS Cashier
CCE Crown Corporation Employee
CCL Credit Clerk
CFT Craftsman
CHF Chef
CHI Chiropractor
CHM Consultant - Human Resources
CHR Chairperson
CL Clergy
CMP Computer - Analyst, Consultant, Programmer, etc.
CMT Comptroller
COL Collector
COT Consultant - Other (Use 5RMK - Remarks to Describe)
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CRP Carpenter
CRT Courts e.g. Bailiff, Clerk, Reporter, Stenographer, etc.
CS Civil Service
CST Custodian
CTR Consultant - Training
DAY Daycare Worker, Provider
DELY Delivery
DEN Dentist
DHY Dental Hygenist
DIE Dietician, Nutritionist
DIET Dieticians who order food
DIS Disabled/Unable to work
DMO Demonstrator
DRI Driver
DRL Driver - Local Delivery
DRM Driver - Long Haul, Mover
DRP Driver - Public Transportation
DRT Driver - Taxi, Chauffeur, Instructor
ELE Electrician
ENG Engineer
ENT Entertainment Field e.g. Actor, Musician, etc.
EXE Executive
FAC Factory Worker, Machine Operator, Tool & Die Worker
FF Firefighter
FIN Financial Advisor, Broker, Economist
FIT Fitness, Health Employee
FL Flagged Occupation
FLA Flight Attendant
FOD Food Industry - Other e.g. Butcher, Slaughterer
FOI Food Inspector
FOR Forest Employee
FRM Farmer
FSH Fisherman
GC General Contractor
GDP Graphic Designer, Printer
HO Homemaker
HOT Hotel, Motel Worker
HRT Horticulture
IAB Insurance - Agent, Broker
IAD Insurance - Adjuster
INS Instructor
IUW Insurance - Underwriter
JAN Janitors
LAB Labourer - Unskilled
LAW Lawyer
LIB Librarian
LOCK Locker room attendants
MAIT Maitre D's and assistants
MDR Medical Director
MGR Manager
MI Military (Armed Forces)
MIN Miner
MKT Marketing Employee
MNT Maintenance, Janitor, Cleaner
MSG Messenger
MSP Medical Specialist e.g. Anaesthetist, Chiropractor, Podiatrist, etc.
NRS Nurse
NTR Notary
OF Office, Sales
OPI Optician
OPT Optometrist, Opthamologist
OT Other
PAD Professional, Advanced degree
PAY Payroll Distributor
PCD Professional, College degree
PHO Photographer, Photography Studio
PHR Pharmacist
PHY Physician
PLT Pilot
PNT Painter, Plasterer
PO Professional Manager
POL Police Officer
PRO Professor
PST Postal Worker
PTO Public Transportation Worker - Other Than Airline
PUR Purchasing Agent
REA Real Estate Agent
REC Receiving Clerk
RET Retired
RGO Refinery Gauger of Oil Company
RSB Restaurant, Bar - Owner, Employee e.g. Waiter, Bartender, etc.
RSC Restaurant, Bar - Chef, Cook, Caterer
RTS Retail Sales Person
SA Salaried
SAL Salesperson - Commercial
SC Scientist
SCT School Teacher
SE Self-Employed
SEC Security Officer, Worker
SHP Shipping Clerk
SK Skilled, Semi-Skilled
SMS Seamstress
SPR Supervisor, Foreman
SPS Spouse at Home
SSAT Service Station attendants
ST Student
STK Storekeeper
STO Stock Clerk
STR Storeroom Personnel
SUP Superintendent
TEC Technicians - Research, Medical
TES Technical /Supervisory
THR Therapist
TMK Timekeeper
TMSE Teachers having custody of money or securities
TRD Tradesman
TRK Truck Driver
UN Unknown
UNEM Unemployed
US Unskilled
VET Veterinarian
WH Warehouse Personnel
WNC Wine Cellar Personnel
WNS Wine Steward/ess
WRT Writer, Publisher

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