Construction Types

Occupation Codes List

Code Description
BarnPlank Barn Plank
Brick Brick
BrkBlk Brick on Block
BrkBlkCus Brick on Block, Custom
BrkVen Brick Veneer
F Frame
L Logs
Pconcrete Poured Concrete
A Siding, Aluminum
SidingHardboard Siding, Hardboard
SidingPlywood Siding, Plywood
SidingSteel Siding, Steel
SidingT111 Siding, T-111
SidingVinyl Siding, Vinyl
SidingWood Siding, Wood
Sstone Solid Stone
StoneBlk Stone on Block
StoneBlkCus Stone on Block, Custom Stone
Vinyl Vinyl
WinWall Window Wall
OT Other

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