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... Add a Testimonial
Adding testimonials to your website is a great way to keep your site updated and show potential...
Views: 2625
... Add/Delete Carriers
Adding and deleting carriers is very easy to do. Here are instructions on adding and deleting...
Views: 2603
... Create Blog Articles
Keeping a blog is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and improve your search engine...
Views: 3129
... Flush Your DNS Cache
If you have recently switched to a new site but you are still pulling up the old one after...
Views: 8942
... Make minor edits to one of my web pages.
You have the ability to make changes to most of the content on your web site via our innovative...
Views: 4270
... Set Up and Use Secure Forms
The Secure Form area has many options to configure. Here is how to use it... Log into the Client...
Views: 3306
... Whitelist Notifications From Secure Form Solutions
How to whitelist emails In order to help ensure proper delivery of notifications from Secure...
Views: 19794
.... Edit the Staff on your About Us page
You have the ability to make changes to change the Staff on your web site via the 'Set Staff'....
Views: 3128
Add Additional Contacts
If you want to add additional contacts to your account to make changes, view Secure Forms, etc.,...
Views: 2827
Adding YouTube Videos
Here are instructions on adding videos to a page on your website: Go to your YouTube URL...
Views: 2943
Link to Page Anchor
Page Anchors allow you to link to specific content on the page. This is helpful for pages that...
Views: 1606

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