We have always offered email free for our customers as a convenience so they didn't have to continue using webmail providers like Hotmail , AOL, etc for their business email. However, email has changed so much over the last several years that we've decided it's in the best interest of our clients to retire our email service. Email service & features is too important to our clients to provide an inferior solution.

Because of the shift in the amount of spam there is today and the types of spam, email is becoming a much, more complex service that ever has been. Today's insurance agencies need companies that specialize in email hosting & provide services like unlimited space, high-tech spam filters, auto responders, no sending limits and syncing (which we don't provide).

This will also benefit all our clients in the long run. Our techs will now have more time to focus on website development & design, integrations, our new CRM, SEO enhancements and other upgrades to make our product the best it can be.
Keep in mind, you'll be able to keep all your same addresses and will have little or no missed/email downtime. This won't in any way affect your website hosting with us. We will make the transition as easy as possible.

If you need help or get stuck, please just give us a call 1st & we'll help walk you through the sign up processes.
These are our Recommended Options:
  1. Google Apps: If you need a more robust solution for your emails. They offer migration tools, document sharing, syncing and all the Apps tools.

    • Click Here to Purchase - once you sign up, just send us your login and we can assist you in the transition.

    • Google Apps offers multiple ways to migrate your email, contacts, and calendar events into their service if you are using Outlook. If you are using our online webmail, you will be able to import your existing emails and address book into Google Apps.
    • Note: we also have coupons for the Google Apps product to save per user annually

  2. Godaddy Business Unlimited Plan: This is the most economical plan we researched for our clients. For just $6.67 / mo for 1 year you can get 5 accounts with unlimited space. (You can also save more if you purchase more years.)
    • The Business Plan is if you need less accounts and space.
    • Click Here to Purchase from Godaddy »
    • Note: this is a very good deal and won't last long as they have already stopped selling this plan on their main website. AND we actually got a better price than they normally offer.
  3. Godaddy Office 365 - similar to the Google Apps product. You will need to call Godaddy or on their site to purchase.

    • GoDaddy's Hosted Exchange 365 offers migration methods to keep your old email messages in their new system, but does require using Outlook to migrate emails over.
  4. Our Strategic IT Partner - Premier offers Exchange 2010 & 2013 with McAfee advanced email protection along with add-ons like Lync, Archiving, Collaboration, Compliance & Security to name a few. The basic Exchange 2010 or 2013 starts at $10 monthly per mailbox (excludes all items listed above with the exception of McAfee which is included with all packages) and must have Outlook 2007 or higher. If not, we can provide Outlook licenses for an additional $2.00 more per mailbox.
  5. Zoho Free Email Option - Zoho has a free email option and a very cheap option that gives you more space.
    • This would be an option that you'd probably only want to use for POP since you'll have limited space.

Once you've picked a plan or if you pick another vendor, email info@alicorsolutions.com & we'll coordinate with you on the switching steps and timing of changing the records.

Keep in mind, you'll be able to keep all your same addresses and will have little or no missed/email downtime. This won't in any way affect your website hosting with us & as stated before, will help to make our website products better. We will make the transition as easy as possible.

We appreciate your consideration in this matter.

Alicor Solutions Team

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