Urgent SSL Message

Urgent SSL Message

For several years Google has been urging everyone on the internet to convert to HTTPS vs. HTTP.  This effort has been gradual until this year.  Google is now pushing more aggressively.  July this year, the newest version of Chrome (Chrome 68) will begin displaying “not secure” if you visit a website that’s not HTTPS.

Alicor Solutions have been providing you with a safe environment for handling quotes and customer data on your website.  All of our forms are on a secure URL (https) and always have been.  However, Google wants the entire internet to be https and is giving incentive by rewarding those websites that have it with better search results and punishing those that don’t by providing a warning. 

Making this change is NOT expensive.  We can get you converted to HTTPS just simply email info@alicorsolutions.com and indicate monthly or annual.

What is HTTPS?
HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between the user's computer and the site. Users expect a secure and private online experience when using a website. We encourage you to adopt HTTPS in order to protect your users' connections to your website, regardless of the content on the site.
Data sent using HTTPS is secured via Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS), which provides three key layers of protection:

  1. Encryption—encrypting the exchanged data to keep it secure from eavesdroppers. That means that while the user is browsing a website, nobody can "listen" to their conversations, track their activities across multiple pages, or steal their information.
  2. Data integrity—data cannot be modified or corrupted during transfer, intentionally or otherwise, without being detected.
  3. Authentication—proves that your users communicate with the intended website. It protects against man-in-the-middle-attacks and builds user trust, which translates into other business benefits.

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Sep 6, 2018
Urgent SSL Message

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